Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Will You Find At Delicious Women?

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Delicious women being swallowed by monsters, a few foot videos, and our original videos staring the Big Bad Wolf.
Our Originals:
Little Red Riding Feet, was made with you in mind.  She taunts you, (the big bad wolf) with her feet.  Tempting you to eat them.
Little Red Riding Hood: Chick Delight
Riding Hood delivers herself to the wolf's door, for his dinner!
She is put in the tub, with vegetables, basted, and served alive for the wolf to chomp down on!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vore Clips at our Clip Store

Take a peek at "Delicious Women" clip store.
Here you will find clips of some really hot girls being swallowed, chewed on, tentacles, and more.
We just added our first original clips.  Little Red Riding Feet, and Little Red Riding Hood: Chick Delight.
See this delicious model, helplessly boiled, and eaten by the Big Bad Wolf!